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Our primary reason to exist is to provide a number of services to consumers. We will do this as a non-profit venture under the Companies Act of Barbados. If you buy anything you are considered a consumer. This Organisation is for consumers. We shall place a high degree of emphasis on educational matters and inform consumers accordingly. Traditionally, each individual had to do his best and beg for concessions from Government and non-governmental bodies the corporate and business houses generally. We shall advocate on our members behalf, which will lessen, if not eliminate, the embarrassment of individuals having to grovel, thus securing for all of them an enhanced quality of life.
The Board of Directors to comprise of people with a mix of varying backgrounds with interests in consumerism.
The surplus that we make is to be used in furthering the undertakings we give to our members.
There will be set up a Reserve Fund, which will hold 25% of our annual surplus.
Reputable auditors as approved by law will audit our accounts annually.
Our main objective is to improve and enhance the quality of life of our members, particularly, and all consumers, generally.
To strengthen the growth of the organised consumer movement in Barbados.
To resolve consumer issues and problems and promote the rights of consumers and consumerism. To offer protection to consumers against unfair and restrictive trade practices.
To co-ordinate and be an advisory body to all the other consumer organisations in Barbados so that they could achieve their objectives, especially in providing information, education and consumer protection.
To advocate for total consumer safety against unsafe products and services.
To establish accountability of public utility services, including monopoly concerns.
To monitor the modus operandi corporate sector, businesses and public services.
To do all such other lawful acts to secure benefits to the consumers as may be considered incidental or conclusive to any undertaking of the organisation.
Join today and let our united force send a message to all those who think that they can continue to take us for granted. Let anyone who cares to know understand that by our numbers we shall be united in demanding proper legal rights that should lead to a better economic revival for all of us. To join, simply complete the Membership Application Form and send the necessary subscription fee.
On receipt of the above we shall process your application and forward, by return, your membership card(s), a copy of the Organisation’s By-laws together with full details of benefits available as a result of your membership.

The Human Resources Committee primary concern will be putting in place the modus operandi of the entire Organisation, as far as the way employed and anyone connected with the organisation, carry out his or her functions. The Secretariat will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. This committee, like all the others, will lay down the various subject matters to be dealt with and see to it that they are carried out correctly.

This section will deal with the settlement of complaints through mediation and arbitration; takes up important issues of consumer interest for lobbying and advocacy such as new Bills for legislation, amendments to existing laws, implementation of laws, court directives and judgements, encourages coalition among consumer groups. We will deal with such matters as Taxation, Credit & Finance, Low-Income and Disabled Consumer matters as well as all matters relating to complaints. It will advise callers on how and where to complain and, will refer them to the agency best able to help.
This committee will deal with all aspects of communications. From time to time it will provide speakers for small or large groups on topics of consumer interest. We shall utilise the media to provide space to inform the consumers on matters of interest.
As part of our public relations exercise we will publish the details of our lobbying of Government and non-governmental bodies, the corporate sector and business houses generally. We shall make the consumer aware of all details that should be affecting their decisions to purchase the goods or services being offered in the marketplace.
Whilst generally an education point of reference, this committee will have two other distinct roles to play: Research & Development and Testing. We shall research products and services that the consumers are asked to purchase and let our members know the results of all tests and research. Where possible, the information will be made available to the general public when this is conducive to the good. Appropriate economic charges will be made. We shall undertake public awareness campaigns, product surveys, workshops, research and a monthly magazine that incorporates consumer reports, news and comments; a quarterly publication will concentrate on testing and research findings. It is planned for a Consumers Handbook to be published yearly, every November.
We plan the establishment of comprehensive consumer library containing books, newspaper cuttings, workshop papers, videocassettes, slides, posters and photographs. Dissemination of information through referral services and publications of bibliographies with synopses. With the help of computers we shall prepare synopses on Consumer Protection, Food, Drugs, Transport and Environment Protection for promotion and protection of consumer interest.
The Economics committee will deal with Insurance, Financial concerns and Natural Resources matters. On Natural Resources, for example, Public and PrivateUtilities will be lobbied by BARCRO on behalf of its members, particularly and the general public as consumers. We do not intend to intervene in individual cases other than refer these to our Advisory Committee where they will get adequate advice.
This Committee will oversee the proper functioning of the entire organisation. This committee will deal with all legal matters, together with social and welfare matters.
BARCRO intends to conduct Environmental Research to ensure environmental protection. It will focus on essential areas of public safety with regard to industrial and environmental hazards and other issues of environmental protection.
It will prioritise hazardous products and processes, transportation and warehousing, disposal of toxic wastes, citizens’ rights to information and visit to the plant, emergency preparedness and compensation for loss or injury, suffered by individuals or community, on account of such hazards. The Environment Division will organise conferences, conduct research, and disseminate the findings, proceedings and recommendations. We shall make representation to all the relevant authorities